It’s how we got our name.

Photographing the special day for special people to keep special memories, the cry of “follow the hat” is heard as we guide the happy couple, their family, friends and guests to the next carefully chosen photo-shoot location.  It’s all light-hearted to help you relax while we take care of the serious business of capturing the moment.

Dawn ‘til dusk, and beyond. You choose the time period that you want us to cover and we will produce a comprehensive record of stunning prints that you will want to look at again, and again, and again.  All presented in a beautiful photo presentation box.  You will also receive a professionally published hard backed photo book with at least forty pictures that would grace any coffee table.  And final pictures are supplied as jpg files on a memory stick for you to print or share as you wish.  

Call or email FollowTheHatPhotography and discover for yourself what makes us different and you special.

Weddings Pricing

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