Trish and Lawrence Boardman’s wedding album, 20 September 2016

Published September 2016

Alastair Griffiths - pictures, cover design, book design

Growing Up In Sepia

Waterloo the same yesterday, today, for ever?

Published February 2017

Alastair Griffiths - pictures, text, cover design, book design


Photography for the camera shy

First published April 2017

First revision October 2018

Alastair Griffiths - pictures (excl p5, p6, p15, p34 top), text, cover design, book design


Pictures for an exhibition

Published May 2017

Alastair Griffiths - pictures, cover design, book design


Over 800 years of history at St Michael and All Angels church, Middlewich, Cheshire

Published December 2017

Alastair Griffiths - Trail concept and design, trail website, pictures (excl p2, p15, p21 left, p35, p69, p72,), cover design, book design

To view a book in more detail click the cover picture.  You will be redirected to the book’s page on the publisher’s website where you can browse and purchase the book of your choice.

If you have a book inside you, just waiting to come out, FollowTheHatPHOTOGRAPHY can help with the illustrations, cover and complete book design.

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Taking photographs, creating pictures.  It’s what we do.

Pictures that will look good on a living room wall, or perhaps welcoming your business visitors in the entrance hall and reception, or complementing the ambience of a public arena.  Unique pictures from a different perspective, stylised, artistic, eye catching, all created to enhance open spaces.

A4 (prints only) are £20 and A3 are £35, including UK postage.  Please add £5 for all deliveries outside the UK.  Larger prints and acrylic finishes are available by special request.

Complete and send the form below and ensure you include either an email address or a mobile phone number.  When we receive your order form we will contact you and offer you a choice of payment via PayPal or using your credit / debit card directly through our Square card payment account, both methods are completely safe and secure.  Prints will be dispatched within 2 working days.

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Delivery address if different 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. A4 A3

To order, complete the appropriate sections above, add a delivery address if different to the first address, enter the chosen picture’s ID in full and choose either A4 or A3 size for each print required. To order more than five pictures please amend and send the form more than once.

301a.jpg Click an image for enlargement 301a 411a.jpg 411a 410.JPG P1010040b.jpg P1010040b 410 506a.jpg 506a 505.jpg Canary Wharf.jpg 505 536 Canary Wharf P1020332a.jpg P1010245.JPG P1020285a.jpg P1020332a P1010245 P1020285a P1050202.jpg P1050586a.jpg P1050574b.jpg P1050202 P1050586a P1050574b 117.JPG 122.JPG 125.jpg Barmouth 1b.jpg 126.jpg 117 122 Barmouth 1b 125 126 194403a.jpg DSCF3003b.jpg DSCF3015b.jpg 540.jpg DSCF3016b.jpg 540bc.jpg 540b.jpg 540bb.jpg 540bd.jpg 514.jpg 194403a DSCF3003b DSCF3015b DSCF3016b 514 540 540bc 540b 540bb 540bd 303a.JPG 303a 194232a.jpg 194232a P1020828.JPG P1020828 0784 0784 956 alastair@followthehatphotography.uk Middlewich, Cheshire
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